Ternák Method® English

About the method

Developed by Joseph Ternak, the Ternak Method is a combination and specialized further development of different massage techniques. The method is a special manual intervention therapy designed especially for the needs of children. It is a unique technique in Europe that has been successful in treating scoliosis and poor posture.  The basis of the method is a soft joint mobilization and hundreds of stretching combinations systematicly integrated into a massage.

This special technique begins with stretching and loosening up the muscles, which improves flexibility and initiates the procution of synovial fluid. (Synovial fluid helps with smooth and easy body movement and is also a natural pain relief)

A combination of massage strokes, sustained pressure, positioning and streches help balance the muscles of the back and body. After the mobilization of the joints, the spine is realigned.

This technique helps to develop the coordination needed to stabilize the spine and reduce curvature.

The treatment is most effective for children between the ages of 5 and 14 as the joints and muscles are still very flexible and correction is easier.



The treatment is completely painless and is always practiced in a pleasant and happy athmosphere where the comfort and safety of children are a priority.

Hundreds of children have been treated by the Ternak Method and feedback has been very positive.  Parents reported that children have better pasture, are able to move more.  Their pain has greatly decreased or diminished in the neck, waist and back.

Children in competitive sports reported better results and higher endurance, they did not get hurt as often during practice or competion, they had more energy and felt better overall.  The occurence of strains, sprains, muscle pains and injuries have greatly lessened or completely disappeared.

Benefits of the Ternak Method:

  • Results in better pasture and body alignment
  • Decreases muscle tension and sores, increases muscle strength and performance preventing injuiries
  • Promotes normal joint movement and increased range of motion

Massage treatments allow for increased blood flow to the muscles resulting in less muscle tension, , an increase in joint range of motion which can decrease overall stiffness and cause a relaxation response.


About me

My name is Joseph Ternak. I was born in Eger, Hungary on November 11th, 1974. I would like to give you a brief summary on what has motivated me to develop a combined special manual technique for children.

I started to have an interest in manual intervention therapy in my teen years. As the years have passed I acquired a degree in another field but manual intervention continued to be my passion and the focus of my interest.

Due to the early passing of my parents, I had to start my own life at 17 years old. Later on I had my own family and focused on my carrier.

The positive results of the treatments I have done inspired me to improve my knowledge and continue my education. I completed the 4 module Integrated Manual Therapy training and learned a variety of complex mobilization and stretching techniques. I continuously attended advanced training courses to further improve my treatments. I also studied the international (German and American) aspects of the manual intervention techniques. My studies provided a strong base and I took the opportunity to start developing the learned mobilization techniques to make my treatments more effective. After many successful treatments I was invited to move my practice to a private clinic, the Benyovszky Medical Center. Over the years I was able to apply my knowledge in the most effective ways to bring relief and great results to patients.

Many parents and their children have found that this method is completely different from any other form of treatment. It is gentle, yet effective and very thorough. Patients experienced positive change.

The shift in my treatment towards children slowly began. I refined my mobilization technique, now especially to fit the needs of children.

In 2017 January, I made a short film presenting my professional work.

My method is trademarked under the name, Ternak Method.

I have treated patients from Hungary as well as from many different countries e.g. Germany, Austria, Malta, Norway, South Korea, Romania and the United States.

I sincerely believe that children are the foundation of our society, who will be leading the world in a few decades. They are the most valuable heritage of society, so we must do our best to help them have a successful start of adulthood. Therefore prevention is crucial and should start in childhood.

Anna Deveny, the famous Hungarian physiotherapist – who has developed a rehabilitation technique for babies and children with disabilities, – is a great role model for me personally. She has worked diligently for over 30 years to help children.


Integrated Manual Therapy, 4 Modules – Origin: German Integrative Manuelle Therapei® Joint Mobilization Technique

Integrated manual therapy special massage technique. (Integrative Manuelle Massange®)



My patient was a 6-year-old little boy. Since birth he has had Torticollis (asymmetrical head and neck position) and has been diagnosed with degenerative, structural scoliosis. After 6 weeks of treatment, we have achieved great results.


Other successes


Patient before and after 4 weeks of treatment by the Ternak method


10 year-old boy before and after weeks of treatment


From the parents

I have noticed that the one of the shoulder blades of my daughter was higher than the other. A friend recommended to me to take my daughter to see Joseph Ternak. It turned out that my daughter’s spine was twisted resulting in one of her legs to be shorter than the other too. I was totally shocked. Joseph has informed us about the course of his treatiment and also advised us to consult with a physical therapist. The change was incredible week after week. He treated my daugther for five weeks.  My daughter’s back was visibly straighter. We do daily exercises at home prescribed by the physical therapist and see Joseph once a month for treatment.  I am so greatful for for choosing this way for my daugher and do not regret anything. – The Erdos Family


We are thankful to Joe for all the attention, expertise and advice. We have come a long way. – Judit


At the age of 13 my daughter was diagnosed with a 23 degree scoliosis. We come to see Joe once every two to three weeks. Next to his treatment my daughter does daily strenghtening exercises, Schroth therapy and swimming. We are grateful for Joe who does so much for our children. Joe you are irreplaceable. – Villo


We live in Austria and have been coming to see Joe for four years. I book our appointments several months ahead of time. This therapy helps to keep my children’s backs straigher that is strained by heavy backpacks and have bad pasture. Joe has always been very attentive, polite and patient. – Renata


I would like to share my experience. My daugther, Viki’s scolisis had started in 2015. After a year of Schroth scoliosis exercises her scoliosis worsened to 16 degrees and a back brace was prescribed by our ortho. She wore her brace 20 hours a day for a year and exercised regularly. Unfortunately her back just got worse, to 19 degrees. She was so disappointed that she did not want to wear the brace or do any more exercises. I found the Ternak Method in the fall of 2018, which has impoved my daughter’s scoliosis to only 10 degrees, in two months. Our ortho has confirmed the improvement as well at the Heim Pal Children’s Clinic. We are forever thankful for the Ternak Method and Joseph Ternak –  Katalin Turiak


A few of my little patients